Rudy always had TrumpVirus

Learning that Rudy Guiliani has Covid-19 is not a shock, This is Trump Playbook 101, there’s no point being any way naive about Donald Trump or that anything is not staged, his entire life is staged, every single minute. 

Rudy has dirt on Trump, this is well known and why Trump kept him as his personal attorney so he could keep quiet. When Trump lost the election,  the question started, what will we do with Rudy? – So Trump does what he has done many times before, destroy people. 

Sending a 74 year old to crisscross the nation during a pandemic in the worst affected country to chase shadows and futile and embarrassing cases will take its toll on a young fit 20 year old. The fact that Rudy already has the most difficult client in the world, he has been sent to states to embarrass himself and ridicule his reputation, Trump knows this. Rudy is the useful idiot to the useful idiot, not taking any precautions because he is brainwashed by Trump that this is all a hoax or that most likely, he is invincible. The company he keeps, some krackpot psychopath, a god fearing bimbo and an idiot who wishes 14th century barbarism upon former government officials.

Plus he had the whole international embarrassment with Borat2, he can deny it all he wants but he knows how ridiculing it is. Guess what? Trump knows it too. So Rudy is sent everywhere to postulate this conspiracy bullshit theory and prostitute himself to Trump , while Trump collects all the donations from idiot Magas. Its absolute insanity. Rudy as a human, I hope you pull through and realise what a mess you are in. Resign from the Trump Virus, write the book and retire if you have any soul left.